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Performance Dentistry

Improved performance through better equine oral health 

Veterinary Equine Dentistry services offered in the Central North Island.

We stock a range of equine supplements including the

Grand Meadows and Betavet range, and sugar free treats from Big Red's Stable Snacks.

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About Us

Nicola worked as a large animal veterinarian in the Rotorua area between 2008 and 2019. Her range of work between 2011 and 2019 was focused predominantly on the sport horse and through this she developed a special interest in Equine Dentistry. 

Since June 2019, Nicolas's sole focus has been on Equine Dentistry and professional development in her field of interest. She is proud to offer a high standard of dental examinations and field dental treatments. 

Being a horse owner and dressage rider herself, she knows how good dental care can really bring out the best in performance horses. She finds it very rewarding to help riders accomplish a better feel through the reins due to better acceptance of the bit by the horse - a comfortable and pain free mouth is key.

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Dental consults

  • Dental consults include a discussion about performance issues, nutritional requirements, bit choice and acceptance of the contact.

  • Horses are examined physically (heart and lungs) before a light intravenous sedation is administered.

  • Sedation allows the facial muscles to relax and a thorough oral examination to take place.

  • The entire oral cavity is examined including gums, cheeks, tongue and spaces between the teeth.

  • A mouth speculum, mirror and pick and a strong light source shows owners the inside of their horse’s mouth and if necessary photos or video recordings are taken inside the mouth.

  • Once problem areas are identified, sharp enamel points are floated and the occlusion angles balanced to make the horse as comfortable as possible in the mouth. A combination of power floating and hand floating is offered.

  • Wolf teeth are assessed and extracted if they are causing an issue.

  • Dental disease including diastemata (gaps between teeth), periodontal disease and other pathologies are treated.

  • All dentals are recorded on a dental chart which is given to the owner.


Other Services

  • Equine supplements including the Grand Meadows range, Betavet products and Sugarfree Big Red's Stable Snacks.


For any other service enquiries, please contact us:

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM (24 hour emergency care in relation to matters consulted on)

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